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Digital GPS Speedometer

  • This GPS speedometer is compatible with all vehicles worldwide and can display speed in MPH, travel time, mileage, time, direction, etc. at the same time with a fast refresh speed and no delay.
  • 5-inch HD LED screen for clearer information display, which is clear and natural no matter how you place it. Multi-functional display: speed in KM/H and MPH, clock, compass, travel time, travel distance, number of satellites, acceleration time, latitude, longitude, altitude, fatigue driving, speeding alarm icon, etc. Full of technology, it brings more safety and fun to your driving.
  • It helps drivers by indicating the direction so that they won't get lost. Equipped with a light sensor that adjusts its brightness according to different light conditions, it can be very clear in bright light, providing a safer daytime and nighttime driving experience.


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